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I took the opportunity to photograph a watch repair shop during a whole day's business, this fits the theme in more ways than one, the theme 'time' fits the obvious in that I’ve photographed time pieces, but this shop has old style everything from tills to telephones and I wanted to capture all of this.

the owner of the shop John, let me take images all day and during this time many stories were told, from how he was apprentice to his farther and how they would work in a small room, some more experienced 'masters' would show the apprentice a thing or two. John tells me of the room, around 9 people worked there each having their own job, the room with smoke from the cigarettes being smoked, and the overpowering smell of the paraffin lamp, at the end of a sometimes 12 hour day they would go for a pint in the local before heading home. Working on all kinds of time pieces from clocks and watches to keeping the armed forces up to date with time on the submarines, a varied job that with the age of digital has slowed and become more of a aged past time. 

a shop that truly is 'old timers' 


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